Who Are We

We put a little
into all our kids lives.

Caterpillar Clubhouse is a licensed child care center that provides infant care, home kinder readiness and summer programs.

Our day care facility is founded with a dedication to love and care for the children of today. We are located at a very convenient and safe environment in Fairfield, CA – a lively but peaceful neighborhood in the city.

We are dedicated to providing quality day care services to toddlers, infants, pre-kindergarten, preschool and after-school children.

At Caterpillar Clubhouse, your child will be far from risks of boredom. We provide active learning techniques with professional teachers. We keep our kids engaged and learning through arts and crafts, music lessons and outdoor activities. We maintain a safe environment and our staff have a high regard for ethics. We pass on the value of courtesy and respect to every child who is enrolled at Caterpillar Clubhouse. We have a Zero-Tolerance on bullying, as our kids are taught how to communicate without expressing violence.

We provide your child activities that highlights academic learning and social interaction in a fun and interactive way. We are dedicated to developing your child emotionally, socially and even become culturally-sensitive. If you are looking for a child care facility dedicated to your child’s development, contact us today and schedule a tour.