Caterpillar Programs


Infants (6 weeks - 18 months)

Our Infants program is designed to provide a home-away-from-home experience that nurtures your child and provides them the love they need for healthy growth and development during this critical time of their life. Our staff works diligently with each parent to make sure their child’s schedule and routine is a critical part of their care throughout the day.

We help your infant grow and develop even at their early age. Being exposed to play music, singing, lots of hugs, love and personal attention can help them your infant a lot. We provide daily activities that that promote great physical development. We also interact other infants in play time to help your baby develop social and communication skills early.

Toddlers (18 months - 37 months)

Our program takes off right where the Infants program left off. This program focuses on developing language and communication skills, enhancing and nurturing creativity and exploration. This program is specially designed for effective through different instructional materials and methods for your young ones.

Our staff uses various methods and tools to start introducing the children to shapes, colors, letters, numbers, music etc. Potty training is also quite the milestone for our toddlers. We work closely with the parent and child to help make this an exciting and successful journey.

Preschool (3 years - 5 years)

We expose your kids to numerous group activities. Included in these are learning activities such as for example art, music, reading, practical projects, issue solving, discovery and experience, and a lot of hugs and encouragement. We also ensure that your child has the skills necessary for future achievement. Kinder readiness offers a wealth of info linked to preparing kids for kindergarten and beyond. Our objective is to activate your child and motivate to take pleasure from school. Our personnel gives an intro to your son or daughter to the fundamentals of different subject matters in ways best suited for them.

We promote innovative play, music, artwork and reading as we observe your child’s behavioral development. To find out more, please usually do not hesitate to get hold of us at 707.280.1826 anytime of your comfort.

School Age (5 years - 12 years)

Caterpillar Clubhouse offers a before and after school program for children in pre-k through 12 years older. After school when kids arrive at our facility they will receive a snack before they enjoy games indoors or in our fenced-in playground area outdoors. A homework space is also provided for those who wish to get a head start.

No worries! When school is closed for weather conditions or teacher work days, Caterpillar Clubhouse is definitely open and ready to provide a great time for your school age children. Activities include video games, crafts, reading, tracks and dance as well as a spacious gym for release of all that energy.